Sunday, July 24, 2011

Eat, Sweat, Eat

I've been making a conscious effort to read the news daily to stay informed and educate myself on what's been going on in our country and around the world--it's quite depressing to be reminded of the U.S' increasing debt and default date to the famine and refugee crisis in Somalia.  I'm definitely grateful to be able to live and eat the way I do.  That no matter what problems or worries there may be--and there always seems to be something to worry about--too little money, school debt, the end of the day, you really don't need much to be happy.

Nothing makes me happier than a great meal.  It doesn't have to be expensive, it just has to be good.  And George has been a great eating partner.  He researches and makes a list of yummy places and I come ready to eat =)..(cause he knows hungry Tam is angry Tam =P)

This past Wednesday my crawfish craving took over me and wouldn't let go.  So after work, I dragged George to try out Hot n Juicy Crawfish in D.C!

$1 Beers during happy hour!  A Heiny in this heat feels amazing.

I think this place is a chain since there's one in Las Vegas.  It's a bit pricier than Orange County's crawfish houses but otherwise they have the same cajun "shabang" sauce seasonings and items. 

I stupidly thought it'd be a great idea to sit outside cracking crawfish with a cold 102 degree heat.  I was dripping sweat and my bib was sticking to my chest after 10 mins. 

Excellent!  Hot n Juicy's only 2 metro stops away from my work and the metro stops right across the street!!!! =D I can go here every week !!!

Basket of soft shell crab with cajun fries!  Fried Crab--GOOD!  Cajun fries--not the same as BC, Claws or Kickin' Crab in the O.C  It was a bit too big therefore not as crispy and there was sweetness missing from the seasonings.  But it did have cajun flavor and was spicy!

Their crawfish estouffe was more like a gumbo.  It had a lot of good flavors and a nice spicy kick!

and a buttload of crawfish!
Here comes our 3 lbs Spicy, Hot N' Juicy Special Seasoning with corn and potatoes

Hello darling! I've missed you...
The sauce was less greasy but very close to what we're familiar with. 

The crawfish movement is still a bit new in D.C--we were sucking heads and cracking tails dripping in sweat like pros.  We sat next to a french couple who was confused as to why they didn't have anything that was mild and why everything had to be spicy..(!$#@#$#^&--it's cajun!)  They kept looking at our table as I sat crossed legged sucking and biting.  I admit..not a pretty sight at all.
The large group behind George also asked why their crawfish and potatoes came out in a bag...=/

Overall, a great hang out place to eat and people watch.  Next time..I'll opt for the seats next to the window inside with AC..

The weekend's here!

Friday night we watched Captain America.  Apparently if you have a Visa Signature card, every Friday until September 30th  is buy 1 get 1 free on Fandango for any movie!

Thanks Tommy Lee Jones for eating a delicious steak in the movie--I got so hungry and had to get some beef!  The movie didn't end until 1 a.m but there was a 24 hr Korean BBQ place that George's Korean co-worker had recommended for bbq.  Who doesn't like Galbi at 1 a.m..?
Honey Pig
Open 24 hrs, it was packed when we finally arrived at 1:30 a.m.  The inside had old ghetto chairs and the floor was of cement--this place is definitely a late night drinking spot. 

NOT impressed with the limited sides.  No beansprouts?! Fish cakes...?

We decided to go light and chose the order of Galbi and spicy pork belly!

Aw man..this was good.  Really good seasoning and extremely tender Galbi.  I sort of forgave them for the lack of sides.  (Yechon wins in my book)

I love our late night snacks!!!! =D So happy!

George stuffing his face!
This looks like a lot of food but it was actually perfect.  We were still a bit hungry after the meal. 

Can you believe we've been here for a month?  I feel like every weekend there's no time to rest because there's just so much exploring and eating to do!  

George had a brilliant idea on Saturday!  I had to head to a Coach outlet to buy my older sister a birthday present and since there was a huge outlet mall in Maryland, we made the 50 minute drive to Annapolis, MD to try out a place at the top of our list!

Annapolis, MD


Joss Cafe & Sushi Bar

 A couple months ago I was watching "The Best Thing I Ever Ate" on Food Network and Duff from Ace of Cakes called out Joss' for their FRIED SHRIMP HEADS! 
We called them twice to make sure they didn't sell out of them since it's usually first come first serve!  And they do run out!

We drove all this way..might as well splurge a little =)

Sashimi combo.  Some of the freshest and tenderist fish I've tasted, especially that tuna--so red and vibrant.


Panko breaded squid legs with an apple and grape tomato salad.  One of my favorite and must order again.  I really love squid legs!

This salad had a nice spice to it!  Really refreshing and good with all the fried stuff we were ordering.

Look at them rolls! These were giant soft shell crab sushi rolls!

Another couple gawked at how I was using my hands to stuff these fat ass rolls into my face..The guy literally turned around to look at me lick the sticky rice off of my fingers... I have no manners when I'm starving.  Sorry!

Eventhough I was extremely full, there's always room for icecream.  It was also too hot outside!  Plus it was right across the street! Thank god I was wearing a loose shirt..

Annapolis Ice Cream Company

I really love these random finds--where the food is just real and honest--no overprocessed ingredients and tastes good!

George was too full to eat anymore so I took on the burden!  Behold 1 scoop...

We walked around despite the heat and I bought this onesie for a friend of mine who just had a baby girl =D

heheheh so cute!

We managed to walk 3 blocks down to the tip of Chesapeake Bay, ducking into every other store for AC and avoiding the sun.  My sandals felt like they were melting..

One of the many stores we ran into--a spice store.  All those amazing smells hit you instantly!

Finally made it to the outlets and yes!!! Coke was doing a scavenger hunt!  It must be my poor mentality and upbringing but I had to do it!  You had to run around the mall and take pictures of 5 things on the Coke challenge list to get 10 Coke points.  10 Coke points = $6 mall dollars + a free coke t-shirt! Uh hell ya!

Challenge #1, take a picture high fiving someone at the mall =D

LOL, poor George! hahah I dragged him all over the mall! But yay! $6 mall dollars and a Large T-shirt that he'll probably never wear out in public!!!

Before heading back to VA, we stopped by Rockville, Maryland--home to one of the largest Chinese communities in Maryland. 

Don't be fooled by Bob's name--inside it was filled with Taiwanese and Chinese eaters!  Our waiter didn't speak much  english and George doesn't know any taiwanese.  We had to resort to pointing and nodding to order.

Some of Bob's specialty

My taiwanese dry noodles was only $4.25!!! Bargain and a great tasty dish!  It reminded me of a Vietnamese homey-dish with eggs and fatty pork.  Made me feel warm and fuzzy just eating it.

I've been craving for some good honey green tea!  This was absolutely satisfyingly cold and sweet! I love you Bob's!  Damn, i really wish i had another one--i'm sweating just sitting here typing up this blog..

George's bowl of spicy beef stew with egg noodles.  The broth was light and sweet and tasted a bit herbal.  I rarely see George get enthusiastic..but he ate the spinach and drank the soup...w.o.w.
I tried the broth, it was really really addicting!  Not in an msg way..but it was just really flavorful!

Sunday's our grocery shopping, cleaning and cooking day.  We were going to go to a little cafe that sold beignets but they don't open on Sundays.  Instead we opted for a traditional Maryland Crab Feast for lunch--a girl's gotta get nicely fed before lugging heavy groceries and cleaning!
(I'm a horrible food blogger--I get too excited and always forget my camera =/)

The Quarter Deck 

About 3/4 mile from our apartment, George got tripple points for finding this place!!!
The Blue Crab is Maryland's signature symbol of the Chesapeake Bay.  Although we didn't have it when we were in Maryland on Saturday, these crabbies only traveled a few miles over to VA and into our bellies.  
We called ahead and all the inside tables were all booked in the evening--so we rushed over immediately for lunch! 

Where there is a seafood, you'll find a bunch of asian/chinese families.  =D The table of 12 behind us all spoke cantonese.  I understand only food related chinese and there was a lot of "ho-sic" (delicous to eat) and mallet banging.


A bit pricy but you gotta try everything once!  

 We'll be back to take George's parents here when they come in the Fall! 

Weapons of crab destruction! 

  Limes are a MUST!

 The all you can eat crab feast comes with unlimited fries...but I am no fool!!! I had to save maximum room for my blue crabbies! But those fries were really good though--extremely hot out of the fryer, skinny, crispy, good!

 After impatiently waiting 30 mintues for the blue crabbies to steam and almost slitting my wrist with my plastic knife because I was so hungry, THEY'RE HERE!  They're here!!

Blue crabs the Maryland way--steamed with secret spices and mainly Old Bay!!  I must try this at home!  I've never had Old Bay seasoning before--gah! So good!  Spray lime on these bad boys and you've got me elbow deep and mallet banging too! 

 I am slowly learning about all the variations of blue crabs--there's the Jimmys and the Sallys named for their different sizes.  Blue crabbies can grow as large and succulent as Dungeness! 

I LOVE CRAB GUTS! I love blue crab guts even moreeee!!!  They's sweeter and more buttery! 

Seafood is my forte.  I beat out George! Last woman standing baby! 

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