Sunday, February 12, 2012

Weekend Staples

I've posted this place before but I'd like to dedicate this post to my most favorite, favorite, favorite Szechuan restaurant--Joe's Noodle House.  We literally MUST come here every other weekend (we have 3 frequent diners card from here!).  A weekend without Joes feels empty and incomplete.  My great love for numbing spicy szechuan food makes the fiery heartburn (and ahem, other burning sensations) the morning after soooooo worth it!!!

Joes--Rockville, MD

Saturday and Sunday afternoons are pretty bad--longgg lines--since this place also isn't very big!

a MUST order #1: spicy porkchops

I've got my eye on you pork chop!

We saw a neighboring table eating these crispy fried dough.  I'm a sucker for these with porridge!  Great, hot, fresh, and crispy.  Too bad the porridge was super bland!

 a MUST order #2: an even spicier fried tofu with minced pork! GOD where have you been all my life!

mmmmmmmm..garlicky greeen beans--

AND must have #3 to complete the weekend:  Boba from Bubble Tea Cafe--Rockville
A 32 oz. lychee boba with lychee jellayyy and honey green tea with small balls


My Mama's Bun Rieu

I ran outside today in flats and a light coat to go for a walk thinking it was sunny and warm.  Yikes!  It was 27 degrees and there was snow on the ground.  I ran back inside and decided to make Bun Rieu!

I like making Bun Rieu at home more than buying it at Vietnamese restaurants since they always use ground pork and fried tofu in the broth.  This recipe's straight from my mama, who only uses lumps of crab meat and lots of tomatoes! 

I used to buy dungeness crab and hand pull the meat out but that took way too long.  I found out that you can buy crab meat (thanks Caren!) at Costco!

Giant tomatoes!
The beginning of a delicious, tomatoe-y, crabby broth

Making crab patties

Frying crab patties


 I can eat this for days...
Perfect and comforting on a cold day =)


After the long hiatus NBA lockout, George was itching for major basketball action and decided to buy some basketball tickets and half season tickets to Wizards games (now only the 3rd worse in the league! woohoo!)--giving us (yay me! =D) 17 games to watch this season!

YES it's true, the Wizards really suck and it's really frustrating to watch how bad they suck and how stupid they play but having a sucky home team means cheaper season tickets in some great great seats!

Some highlights so far from the season!  I even got a chance to get reallll close to some of the players since we always show up during warm ups! =D

Lets get ready for some BALL!

A Wizards' tradition! (luckily we never have to stand too long!)

It's G-WIZ!! The Wizards' mascot.  He's so freaking cute!

As much as the Wizards suck...I like cheering for them (when I'm not rooting for the Celtics)--it's just too sad not to.  Their "fans" boo them, and there are always more people cheering for the visiting team than they do for the sad.
EEEK! He's so cute!! =D 
I was thiiiizzzzz closeee!

FIRST game of the season!

EWWW!!! Look at the HUMP--Ex Kardashian!
Fans booed the HUMP every single time he touched the ball! LOL Hilarious!

Up close with O'Neal!

HI RAY RAY!!!!!  Tell your mom I said HI =D (she shook my hand when we went to a Boston game last year!)




Celtic's Game on Chinese New Year Day

 BULLS comes to D.C!!
It's so sad to see Wizards play these awesome teams.  And Rose's not one to mess with!
Coming off their loss and his 2 missed free throws against the Heat, Rose was nothing but serious during warm ups.

OOH Stacey King walks by!!! (Former Bulls and current Bulls' announcer)

Uh OH!  Get ready for some mad dunks!

Griffin!  Omgahhh he's huge in person!


FOOD BREAK!  Pre-game with a little Five Guys (aka East Coast's version of In-n-Out).  Fresh patties, fries fried in peanut oil and they have a bucket of shelled peanuts for freeee!
It was so good, I had it for lunch at work two days later!

This is an order of "SMALL" Fries. 

mmmmm bacon cheeseburger--comes with two fresh patties!  I like my cheeseburger with just pickles.  But you can get a bunch of free toppings like onions and mushrooms.


It was awesome hearing so many people cheering for Lin!  Asian, from Harvard, point guard that can shoot..?!

 He does need a less fobby hair cut though...

Lin's highlight dunk against Wall of the night!!  We saw it live!

UGH I loathe the Heat!
The entire team didn't even bother to come out for shoot arounds.  THEN Wade and Lebron came out 10 mins after all their teammates came out for warm ups.  Arrogant.

A lil' tri-tip sammich action before the game!

Look who finally showed up!

Lebron dancing to Big Tigger's (Wizard's DJ) music

Lebron's powder throw before the game

So proud of the Wizards' for their first score!

Predictable they lost--but the Wizards kept the score gap respectable!  GO WIZs!
It was awesome to see Lebron James cursing at the refs, getting all pissy that Singleton knocked off his silly headband without a call, and gave an all around "I'm too good for the Wiz" performance all night!  Class ACT!

And the season's not even over yet!!