Sunday, February 12, 2012

My Mama's Bun Rieu

I ran outside today in flats and a light coat to go for a walk thinking it was sunny and warm.  Yikes!  It was 27 degrees and there was snow on the ground.  I ran back inside and decided to make Bun Rieu!

I like making Bun Rieu at home more than buying it at Vietnamese restaurants since they always use ground pork and fried tofu in the broth.  This recipe's straight from my mama, who only uses lumps of crab meat and lots of tomatoes! 

I used to buy dungeness crab and hand pull the meat out but that took way too long.  I found out that you can buy crab meat (thanks Caren!) at Costco!

Giant tomatoes!
The beginning of a delicious, tomatoe-y, crabby broth

Making crab patties

Frying crab patties


 I can eat this for days...
Perfect and comforting on a cold day =)


  1. do I make this? Please send me step-by-step directions, including ingredients and amount of same...please? (seriously!)

  2. OMG I'm so jealous, can you email it to me too!?