Saturday, February 11, 2012

4 Dinners and a Gut

This occasionally happens when George and I get wayyy tooooo excited about food and can not/will not pick just one place for dinner.  So we started dinner around linner time and hit up spot after spot to fit in all the places we want to visit.  Life is too short to not eat all you want!! 

 Gorgeous sunny Sunday!

1st Stop: The Cajun Experience in Dupont Circle (D.C)--literally underneath some apartment.  We wanted to go here because we saw on Yelp that they do crawfish boils!!! And since I've been mad craving for Boiling Crab, I haaddddd to gooo!

But to my great horror, they stopped doing crawfish boils! =((((
So George ordered the fried crawfish and the crawfish etouffee made with fresh craw-daddies!

 I got fried oysters with a delicious garlic aioli dip!

2nd Stop: Happy Hour (on a sunday!!! =D) at Blacksalt
A seafood market with a restaurant in the back

Hot dayumm, those shrimps are huge!!

OoooOOOOoooo! $5 Champagne Cocktails!


$1 Oysters!  WEEEE!!!

Jumbo Gulf Shrimp Cocktail 3 for $6!

 Oysters Rockefeller for $8

$8 for Steamed Mussels

$10 Provencal Seafood Stew!  This was one of my favorites!! Huge calamari, mussels, jumbo shrimp---deeee-licious! AND great bargain!

THEN we picked up Phil who came into town from CA and took him to our favorite dumpling place for some lychee boba and fried juicy dumplings --China Bistro in Rockville, MD

With a bit of room left, we decided to head over to Temari--a little small Japanese place we've been wanting to try out but always catch them when they're closed.

I got my favorite--salmon rice ball

HAHHAHAHA George's giant bowl of spicy tuna that even though he was extremely full, kept eating because it was delicious!

OooOo Phil's Ramen! 

 WEE!  We found another favorite place for cheap home-y japanese food!

The best weekends are spent laughing and eating!  =)

 P.S  What the heck is this "Ugli/Uniq" fruit?? We found it at Safeway..?

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  1. i'm really jealous about the spicy tuna. Even as I'm sitting here with stomach pains, I wish I could eat everything on this pageeeeee jellly!