Sunday, February 12, 2012

Weekend Staples

I've posted this place before but I'd like to dedicate this post to my most favorite, favorite, favorite Szechuan restaurant--Joe's Noodle House.  We literally MUST come here every other weekend (we have 3 frequent diners card from here!).  A weekend without Joes feels empty and incomplete.  My great love for numbing spicy szechuan food makes the fiery heartburn (and ahem, other burning sensations) the morning after soooooo worth it!!!

Joes--Rockville, MD

Saturday and Sunday afternoons are pretty bad--longgg lines--since this place also isn't very big!

a MUST order #1: spicy porkchops

I've got my eye on you pork chop!

We saw a neighboring table eating these crispy fried dough.  I'm a sucker for these with porridge!  Great, hot, fresh, and crispy.  Too bad the porridge was super bland!

 a MUST order #2: an even spicier fried tofu with minced pork! GOD where have you been all my life!

mmmmmmmm..garlicky greeen beans--

AND must have #3 to complete the weekend:  Boba from Bubble Tea Cafe--Rockville
A 32 oz. lychee boba with lychee jellayyy and honey green tea with small balls


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