Sunday, January 29, 2012

For the Love of Food

A collage dedicated to this month's belly rubbing, pants unzipping, food coma inducing deliciousness.  Chin chin to high cholesterol and clogged arteries!

Tandoori Nights in Clarendon
(George says the name sounds like a porno
spicayyyy shrimp vindaloo--mmmm yum

oOoh the visible layer of oil and spicy goodness!

 My all time favorite--chicken tikka masala
 naan to sop it all up

 I always get a little laugh when I order this..yes a grown woman can still enjoy a delicious mango lassi!  It makes me happyyyyy dammit!

SNOW outside our apartment!!!
The winter here's been pretty mild (thank god!)  This is the first heavy patch of snow we've seen! Very exciting indeed!=D So far it's been pretty warm (for east coast winter standard) and sunny! phew!

Craving for some Smokey Bones! in Woodbridge, VA

Their best item--the smoked wings!

The ribs were standard--the brisket was hard and not tender..not all that exciting.  But for some reason I always love eating baked beans...
 I burped up smoke for the next four hours.... =/

Of all the holidays, this one made me miss home the most--the smell of incense, even eating vegetarian meals with my family and hearing my mom blast Vietnamese music all night long.

In honor of Tet (Vietnamese New Year), I went and got three sugar cane drinks, Vietnamese sandwiches and we had dungeness crab, snow pea leaves, and roast pork!

The NBA celebrates Chinese New Year--at Wizards v. Celtics!

Awwww and George gets to pose with Wizards' cheerleaders who are buffer than him!!

John Wall's name in CHINESE!! coooool!

Happy Hour with co-workers at Ceiba--Latin Food in D.C
$5 mojito with a sugar cane garnish made my day!!!!
Note to self: do not attempt to go back to work after happy hour...major f-a-i-l

mmmmm Ceviche sampler was the best item there.  I must come back for the seafood stew! It looked amazinggg!
1st Left: Yellowfin Tuna Ceviche--Cucumber, Mango, Jicama, Aji Amarillo Lime Dressing, Crushed Cashews
2nd: Peruvian Ceviche “Clasico”--Fresh Lime Juice, Red Onion, Cilantro, Aji Picante
3rd: Yucatan Shrimp Ceviche “Cocktail”--Pico de Gallo, Avocado, Crisp Corn Tortillas 
4th: Wild Striped Bass Ceviche--Spicy Rocoto Chili, Sweet Potato, Toasted Peruvian Corn

Gorgeous sunny Saturday Spanish Tapas lunch at La Tasca in Clarendon
Cute little chain place--food not the most amazing but not bad for all you can eat tapas for $20!

Being asian, I must eat til I pass out to get my money's worth!!!!  We ate $60 worth of food for $40!  Sigh, my mama would only be sorta proud!
First up: Grilled Chorizo!

Grilled asparagus with sea salt

mini paellas---this is my favorite!

Gambas al Ajillo
I always get this every time I eat spanish tampas (who doesn't like anything sitting in garlic oil!)..but it's sad that they never use giant shrimps or put some char on these little suckers!


yummy and tender meatballs in herb sauce

grilled angus steak in sherry sauce with potatos

Wild mushrooms sauteed in garlic sauce--these didn't look very wildly..they looked like a bunch of button and portobello mushrooms..but still delicious!

My 2nd favorite!!!! Deep fried shrimp skewers with garlic aioli!  That garlic aioli singssss in your mouth!  Spicy and creamy!

Fried Chicken rubbed with roasted garlic sauce--sounded too good to be true--it was not crispy, pretty dry and needed salted..

3rd favorite! Beef empanadas!  Why are fried things so amazing?!

Last one--tender and juicy bacon wrapped pork tenderloin in a Cabrales cheese sauce!  
Then I went home after lunch and passssssseeeddd out on the couch!  Fatties unite!

Late night eats at Kushi-- Izakaya and Sushi restaurant--located in D.C.  The menu changes everyday so it's always exciting to come back and try new items.
The first time we came here we didn't have a LivingSocial coupon.  2nd time, I'm armed with $30 for $60 of food and I'm ready to throw down!

Sitting at the bar is great since you can see them grill your food and you get to smell like charred meat! (I like smelling myself later to reminisce what I ate earlier)--but it does get a bit hot!
Duck sausage.
Never had it before...tasted...different.

Weeeeee! grilled pork belly!!! Fatty, soy glazed, tender, grilled....a stomach favorite!

hellooo gorgeous!

Ordered a bunch of these chicken wings--sweet, crispyyy all skin, less meat is the way I prefer my wings!

salmon grilled rice ball! I liked this a lot!

I got it the first time and I'm getting it again because it's so damn good! Beef tataki! mmmmm! mmmmm! with garlic chips!

Kimchee and Pork Yakisoba made in front of us!  Not bad and super spicy! 

"Large" spot prawn/sweet shrimp...These suckers are puny.....And why no fried heads?

Lychee martini--yummy but no floating lychee =(

oOOOooooo my favorite--I've gotten it twice here! Chawanmushi--an egg custard dish with mushrooms, shrimp chicken, all steamed in a tea cup.  Super light, naturally sweet, and so comforting!

EEK so excited to eat you!

Fire grill heat + alcohol = happy glow!

Sashimi trio--variey of marinated salmon, tuna, and himachi on a bed of seaweed--a very close favorite!

Black sesame gelato!  I need a tub of this!
And Sea Salt gelato--with little bits of caramel..a bit salty.  I like black sesame better.

 "It is a difficult matter to argue with the belly since it has no ears" (-Cato The Elder)
so I shall not!!!!

Time to hit up the gym to make some room for 50 cent oysters today!

Keep eating my friends!


  1. omg all the food looks so good! esp the sashimi trio. Where did you get your scarves? I love them all!! Do we have the matching coral one... lol.

  2. scarves ala Target ! The coral one I got you was from bcbg. The coral i got myself is $14.99 at Target! lol it feels way different. But Target has amazing selections for dirt cheap. The brown/yellow one was from Ann Taylor Loft for 40% off!

    When you come, we'll get fat!