Monday, January 2, 2012

HAPPY 2012!!!

It's been my goal for a long time to countdown in New York for New Years.  This year being on the east coast and so close, we decided to hop on a bus, book a hotel at the last minute and just do it!  The entire experience was nothing short of amazing.  It was so much fun!  If you like celebrating, dancing in the street singing at the top of your lungs after not peeing for 9+ hours, and ringing in the new year with millions of equally excited strangers from all over the country and world, this is definitely the place to be!!!

No fuss holiday get away!  8: 15 a.m bus ride.  Roundtrip from D.C to N.Y for both of us was $93 dollars.  4.5 hours later, we're well rested and in New York!

This is my 3rd time in New York and I'm still so exited!!
This was one of the warmest new years in New York in a long time!

Checking in to the Kintano Hotel -- 12 blocks from Time Square.  Trust me, it's worth it to shell out for a hotel so close to the event.  After 9 + hours of waiting and partying on the street, you're gonna want a clean bathroom and a nice warm bed!

We had a jam pack weekend: D.C to New York then New York straight back to D.C for the New Years Day Celtics v. Wizard basketball game.  So we packed light! 1 purse and 1 mini bag to bring to Time Square is all you need!


You can only bring in a small purse/bag into Time Square.  Ipad, Kindle Fire, raincoats, snacks, hand sanitizer, and the smallest bottle of water I could find into one small side satchel for the next 10 hours!!!

We're not as ambitious as campers who's been at Time Square since 2 a.m to stand close to the stage--plus..I don't think my bladder could have handled it.  After reading tips/blogs for new years countdown in Time Square, we were told to have a heavy lunch and not drink so much water.  So we took our time to eat a good meal and stroll around before heading to Time Square at 3.p.m


mmm...yummy bolongese!
that was damn good pasta!

 Buying Japanese rice balls to bring into Time Square to camp out for a longggggg time.

The New York Public Library--where books can't be checked out.

my favorite art random!
 Gorgeous day outside!

 Giant cookies!

waiting for the free ice rink to be cleaned


Shoved, one point my mouth was right in some lady's hair--space was TIGHT!!  But if you go with the flow, it's all very amusing and fun!  I also love crazy crowds =D--as long as no one gets hurt!

this poor place to go buddy!

Each block is sectioned off in pens.  Once you're in you can't leave to go pee or they won't let you back in and you can't loiter on the sidewalks.  Also, once a pen is filled, you have to try and get into another empty one or else you can't see the ball drop.

Time Square starts at 42nd/43rd and Broadway--and pen space fills up QUICK.  This is us trying to get to a pen on 49th!  After 30 mins of standing in gridlock literally not moving, we were all told that the 49th pen was full and we had to go to 52nd street! EEK!

After mad dashing we finally made it into an pen at the front of the line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But it was on 52nd and 7th--you can still see the ball drop, but the big main party and sounds that you see on T.V are all on Broadway street!

 4 hours later--HUNGRY and still no bathroom!

The ball looks so big on t.v at home... There it is..!

The raising of the New Years ball fireworks!

After 4 hours of sitting on 7th--I was getting frustrated that we were so far away!  We kept hearing celebratory noises and seeing the lights but it was dead where we were--so we decided to sneak our way to different pens.  What I learned: find super nice police officers who are monitoring pen entrances.  Once you're in, they'll let you hop around if there's space left in the pens.
So we made it to Broadway!!!! =D  I'm doing this only once, so had to try to do it right!

Another tip: Broadway street curves!  We made it to 50th and Broadway--the last block that you can see the ball before the street curves and the ball disappears!

 It was one giant street party!  Highlights of the night: I saw old and young of all ethnicities jamming in the street!  So much fun dancing and singing with strangers to Usher, Adele, The BEIBS (a crowd favorite), Lady Gaga (awesome), Pitbulls (his hip thrusts are killer!), and Journey's Don't Stop Believing!!


If you're not close the stage like we were, get close to one of the few giant screens set up!

The countdown every hour and performances keeps you moving to keep warm and forget that you have to peee!!!


After the ball drops, get ready to MOVE!  It's a mad dash, to escape the locked pens--we hopped over the gates to run back to the hotel to use the bathroom since everyone was rushing for the bathrooms, streets, and subways!  My legs and back were so stiff I could barely move!

distracted despite having not used the bathroom for 10 hours---ooOOohhh... 

TIME TO EAT!!! Starving!  We were a couple of blocks from the Korean area!
 New York is filled with these delis! 

Starting 2012 off right: EATING!

Still not full, we had to get some wings at my favorite oldie fast food place!

Back to D.C the next morning!  But not before Boba and more chicken wings!  This asian boba place was oddly packed full of european tourists.

Got my Celtics shirt on and ready for the basketball game back in D.C! Go Celtics!

heheh couldn't help myself--more wings for the bus ride!

New York, I'll see you again soon--we still have a lot of eating to do =D

Good bye for now!

From one crowd to the next, back in time to see my Celtics play New Years day! =D

 It's gonna be a great (fatty) year and a great basketball season =D  I can't wait to see the Heat, Lakers, Celtics (RAY RAY!), Knicks, Bulls (ROSE! =D) and so many other awesome games!

HAPPY 2012 everyone.  May your new year be filled with fresh insights, intriguing opportunities and pride in your accomplishments.  Cheers to a healthy and happy new year!


  1. Thanks for sharing your experience. Always wondered about the individuals, about the faces I would see on tv gathered en mass that go to this 'drop ball' event. You covered some of the issues I wondered about, like: bathroom privilages, back pain, eating and last but not least where did everyone park and where do they go afterward?

    I am not envious of not being there but I am envious of that array you showed of basketball tickets.

    Thanks again, have a fulfilled new year with smatterings of contented moments

  2. Hi nene =) thanks for the great comments! if you ever go and need more tips, I'll be glad to send you some =) Thanks for reading and have a happy and healthy new year your self =)

  3. Dude! I am so jealous of you!!! I knew you guys went to times square for new years but I had no idea you guys got to stay overnight too, and at a nice hotel!! SUPER JELLY! I know where to plan my next new years/winter. AT YOUR PLACE+NY!

  4. great post! can't wait to see a blog entry about some basketball games!