Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Home for the Holidays!

We flew home to San Francisco to hang with the Pham-ily and friends for the holidays!!  This was the best Christmas everrrr!!!

My fellow gluttons--my ma, cousins, and sister at House of Shabu Shabu!

So so so soooo happy =D
  FREE Gree Tea and Red Bean ice cream! My two favorites!
Happy Belated Birthday and early Christmas, GOAT!

Merry Xmas to the little one and "Booger."  Hope you enjoy your mugs and Shemergency kits =D
 Thanks for my clutch Goat =D I love it!!

HEAVEN is here!!!!  We visited my little cousin at work!!!

I love free stufffff!  FREE ODWALLAS!

Ewwwww the Google Snuggie

Soft cuddly Android!

No photo booth fun b/c it was broken =(

Riding the Google bike around campus!  If only I knew how to ride a bike...

WHAT! FREE on site haircuts AND food trucks?!!! AND there was a bowling alley, a slide, a rock climbing wall, and there was even fake snow!!!!

EVELYN you're my HERO!!! (Van, are you jealous that I get to hug Evelyn!!?)


Stuffing our faces at 1 of the 26 cafeterias on campus!  AND you can take food to go!!!

OH and the workers get to carry around Mac books! 

Organic, free range everything!!
Udon with Fried Calamari!!


My childhood favorite!!

One of the coolest things in the bathrooms besides the self warming toilet seat!!

A wonderful dinner with the girls at Kokkari-Medittereanean.  We brought the house down with our ruckus and I lost my voice!

Bartender's choice--ended up being my favorite that I had TWO--AND did not fall asleep or fall to the floor! 

Lamb meatballs!

Fried cheese!!!!!

Garlic Shrimp!

Grilled Octopus!! I apologize for the blurriness..the buzz was slowly sinking in =)

This was my first ever lamb chop!! It was not game-y tasting, and was cooked to a perfect medium rare and had a delicious dry rub!

1/2 of a Peking Duck!!!
This is what the whole Peking duck looked like---mmmm..crispy skinnnn

Steamed fish!!

I highly recommend this restaurant (and the company) as it's both Lillian's and Erica's favorite!  Great Food, Great Service, Great Friends, and awesome drinks (as evident by the asian glows)!!!  We were so cray cray!!

Not 1, Not 2, but THREE FREE desserts on the house =D
And even a tour of the kitchen!!! YAY!
Miss you gals already!


 Family Time

At Kome Buffet for George's newphew's one month Red Egg & Ginger Party.
Way to show 'em how it's done Evelyn!
Jacky and his chopsticks!

Hanging out with my beloved 95 year old grammy!  We spent 3 hours talking food recipes!

It isn't the holidays without an 8 course FEAST!  This Christmas was especially awesome because I got to take out my family and they let me pay!!

and a pretend birthday so we can get free dessert!!!

Kristin took one for the team and blew out her "b-day" candles!

And this..isn't even all of my family =)

Our present to the little runts

I love asian holidays!!! RED ENVELOPE lotteries!  I scored the 2nd to highest red envelope!

And this is how I permanently lost my voice for the weekend--belting out old 90's karaoke songs!!!

Cheers to the wonderful and important things in life--family, friends and great food! =D

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