Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy July 4th!

Happy July 4th from our nation's capitol!  What a crazy fun day!  Thousands of tourists and locals filled the streets for the festivities!

 Not as scary hot as the other days!

 From Congress to the Washington Monument was a long stretch of open lawn space for great seats to see the fireworks at night!

 (FREE) concert prep in front of Congress--Matthew Morrison, Josh Groban, Jordin Sparks, Steve Martin and a bunch of people were scheduled to perform

uh..we decided to pass after seeing this long line...
We got alllll riled up after seeing the sign "FREE FEAST."  But upon seeing that it was a VEGETARIAN free feast, we passed...
Washington Monument, where the fireworks will be displayed later

What's July 4th without BBQ!  We yelped the nearest bbq place--Hill Country.  Only 3 stars--but it was the closest thing to where we were.
Packed place..but the food was so-so.

You get a ticket and go in a line to serve yourself

Woohoo--at least lunch special was still going on!! WE got the Brisket, Chicken and Rib Special.

OMG--look at that giant red velvet cake!

Had to try their sweet tea! Very watered down and not as sweet..but really good after a day of sweating!

The meal came with corn bread--my favorite.  It also came with a side--George decided on corn bread pudding--surprisingly pretty good!

The brisket was the only thing tender and juicy.  The ribs were hard as hell and the chicken--is chicken.

The bbq sauce + spicy sauce = yummsss

This cinnamon butter was like crack..I couldn't stop slathering it on my cornbread!

With time to kill before the fireworks, we finally saw Transformers---yes..it sucked...but entertaining! The Decepticons were in D.C and did manage to rip off Abe Lincoln's head....

We decided to pick up pizza to head back and set up camp on the grass for the fireworks.  A place on our list--> Matchbox.  Close to 1,000 reviews, this place is known for their sliders and pizza!  We got a small meat lovers!


It was located next to D.C's Chinatown
I managed to save my 3 slices to eat back at the park..George ate all his while walking back..

Made it back in time to save ourselves a spot!!!

Our view of the fireworks!

And here comes the drizzles...

Had to get the red white and blue pop =D

It's almost starting!!!


Crazyyyy crowded--this was the wait for the Metro!

I appreciate today and for what it stands for.   I remembered to take it all in--all the families coming out, smiling and laughing...adults and kids wowing at the fire show..it was a good day!

Oh yeah..George says Happy July 4th too!!! =D

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  1. lol forget the food pictures...George as Capt America is awesome!