Friday, September 21, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

George and I went home Labor Day weekend to mainly visit my sister who recently had a seizure.  These scary moments jolt you out of your every day routine and comfort.  It reminds you to stop being so absorbed with your own life and not to take loved ones for granted.  Living so far away, it's easy to forget this.  So we flew back to spend some wonderful quality time with friends and family.  I wish we had a chance to meet up with everyone, but as usual, so little time.

It also happened to be Cal's first football game that weekend in the newly built stadium.  Timing worked out--from Oakland airport straight to campus for the game!  Sigh...nostalgia!  I've missed this place dearly.
My old apartment with a landlord who smoked weed all the time!  My old dorm room!!!!  Oh to be broke college nerds again...

AAAAHHHHH!!!!! I've waited YEARS for this!!! TOP DOG!!!!! Oh the sweet succulent spicy glory!  You were exactly how I remembered--grilled to perfection where the hot dog skin just pops as you bite into it.  Who does not love a place where on Halloween, the cooks cook NAKED. 

GO CAL!  We cheered, we sang...we still lost b/c our quarterback is stupid but who cares! I had a blast (and got super burnt!).  

We met up with my family afterwards and treated everyone to what else, CRAB!  Pham-ily grubbing time at PPQ.  Crab + Phams = very happy gluttons.
Another reason why I miss the west coat--DUNGENESS CRABBIES!

I get my love of food and buffets from these two crazies--thanks mom and dad!

These garlic noodles--so garlicky and buttery--I wanna rub them all over my face while stuffing them into my mouth!  
And this is why we're friends--Jacky took his noodles and mixed it with the crab guts RIGHT in the shell!  GENIUS!

Really good fruit mousse cake for mine and george's birthday!! =D Thanks Evelyn!!!!

Still a tiny bit of room for boba and crepes....oh so burnt...

Family dinner #2 in Concord.  It's not a family get together unless there's a whole roast pig.  Thanks Ma!!!
My uncle also made papaya salad--and manually grated the papaya himself!  They do know how to make a girl feel extra special for coming home! =)

Yes that's right, this is how we've done since Vietnam!! We throw down on the floor! 
I love being asian sometimes!

Oh hey, shirt twinsies =D

Waterballoon fight!!

Oh Boogs...Bwaahhha

Weapon refuel!!

Birthday dinner back in the city at our old favorite Japanese place!  Thanks guys =)!!!

And for dessert, WINGS and Purple Kow boba (thanks helen!!)!  They're so damn good!
If I'm in the city, if I have any breathing room left, I'm getting San Tung WINGS--hands down YUMS!

BRUNCH in the Castro!

We had to park in front of "Rock Hard" and we HAD to buy something to get change for the meter.  It isn't brunch w/out BJ poprocks first! 

Jamal + Violet Burton Class of 2001...tawww....=)

OoooOo colors...

After brunch was ..a small snack at Ike's Place--number 1 Yelp rated place to get a sammich!!!

Unfortunately, my last day in the city was quite a hoot!  After brunch some idiot 22 yr old chic was lost and on her cell phone. turned when she had a red light and totaled my cousin's car.  She at least repeatedly said "omg, it was totally my fault."  A-w-e-s-o-m-e!  Luckily we all got out ok with minor neck pain!  PLEASE, do not text and drive on the road!!!

Last meal before we catch our red eye back to D.C--at Pakwan Pakastani and Indian Restaurant (deeelicious!) in my old ghetto project neighborhood where I used to run through dark alleys on 16th and Valencia.  I had no idea it's now a swanky swank hipster up and coming neighborhood!  There goes my street cred...

I'm so grateful and happy everyone was in good health and spirits.
Eat well, live well, and please drive safely everyone!

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