Sunday, June 26, 2011

Saturday Strolling

Is it possible for your shins to ache from so much walking?  Seeing how it's the only form of exercise I've been doing, I won't complain..

Yesterday we were craving for some dim sum!  Instead of hopping on the metro, we decided to walk the mile stretch from our place (Courthouse) to Rosslyn for some China Garden Dim Sum.  It was 80 degrees with a nice cool breeze (thank god!)

I've had my fair share of amazing dim sum in S.F, Boston and L.A in places so packed that you often had to share tables with strangers just to get a seat.  So naturally, I had to try out the dim sum in Arlington!

1) China Garden Restaurant (Arlington, VA)

Located on the 2nd floor of the Twin Towers that houses Raytheon, ABC News and other offices, a dim sum house here seemed a bit...odd...but nonetheless, the humongous restaurant was fairly full of Asians (a good sign if you're eating Asian food) at 1:30 p.m.

 I got a bit more excited when the server handed us a large bowl of spicy soy sauce!!!  mmm mmm!
The spare ribs at this place was actually one of the best ones I've tasted--nicely seasoned and tender!
 This lady's frying up our order of Shrimp and Chives dumpling
 These babies were HUGE! And they were served on a bed of sweet soy sauce..something new I've never seen before..
(P.S Debs: I'm using my macro setting you showed me =D)
 Fried turnip cake with hoisin sauce
 Chrysanthemum tea served with sugar cubes--this was pretty cool.
5 dishes for $23 dollars--not too bad!  All in all, this place was a bit overpriced than what we're used to in S.F but comparable to LA/Orange County prices.  It was a pleasant surprise--much better than the 3 stars it received on Yelp.  The food was actually seasoned pretty well and no weird MSG side affects after we ate!  We're definitely coming back when the parents come to visit!

After lunch, too full to move, we hopped on the metro for D.C!

Saturday metro crowd...For a smidge of a space, you're gonna have to squeeze, shuffle your feet and learn to enjoy the smell of stannnnkkkyy sweaty pitts!

 Eff...The escalator at Adams Morgan, D.C Metro stop up 6 stories of flights of stairs we went...My body's not made for climbing....
 Adams Morgan district in D.C--reminds me of downtown S.F Civic Center and the Castro--tons of coffee shops and eateries..and a bit ghettoA bum purposely bumped into George just so he could yell at
 Eeek!! S.F Pride in D.C!! =D
 This was our 2nd Boba stop..I needsta have my boba fix!!! One thing I've noticed east coast is majorly lacking? Good BALLS!
This place is most famous for being filmed in "How Do You Know" with Reese Witherspoon and Paul Rudd as Mr. Phung--a bubbly Vietnamese man showed me his pictures.  The drinks were pretty good too!  Made with real fruits and finally!! Some chewy balls!
 1 metro stop later we were in Dupont Circle (D.C)

 Taking a break from eating by window shopping.  
Note to self: Come back to Lou Lou and buy pretty much everything in the store

It's never too soon to eat again!  Off to Bistrot Du Coin we walk!
4 Stars, 500+ reviews on Yelp, a bucket of juicy mussels with a side of fries! Yummy in my tummy!

Get got the Moules Mariniere--simply steamed in white wine, tons of garlic and parsley.  The sauce was not as thick for dipping..but major slurping was done! 

And last but not know we have room for dessert!
Pineapple Gelato with mint!  Very light and refreshing!

Our car is scheduled to arrive in 1 hr!!!! I'm so excited! Fat eating pants CHECK!


  1. ooooo! Marty and I went to eat dim sum too on the same day! =D but in rowland heights. And Lou Lou looks like a really cute place! buy everything! =D


  2. lol yeah i saw that on facebook after we got back!! i miss that entire lot!!!! capital seafood, 85 degrees, lollicup!!! i didn't know you have a blog! i shall subscribe =D