Saturday, June 25, 2011


My boyfriend and I recently made the big move from CA to Arlington, VA for work. We're both originally from San Francisco (& lived 5 yrs in Orange County). Although we've traveled to the east coast many times, there's nothing like packing your beloved pet, all your belongings and car to move cross country!

So far--I think I'm in love.  It's an exciting feeling--to take a blind jump and find happiness in something totally unexpected. Don't get me wrong, I was and still am skeptical and nervous--I mean who the hell moves to Virginia? When I told a friend of mine that I would be moving to Virginia to live next to a river (the Potomac), she laughed and exclaimed " live next to a river?! you're a country gal now!"  People who's never visited here thought I was moving to a farm...

But so far, this area's captured a piece of my heart. Being a huge fan of city life (awesome food and a working bus system b/c I absolutely hate driving!) and places rich in history, I find Virginia/D.C Metro Area to be the perfect mix of old and new--century old red brick buildings and colonial homes infused into dense bustling neighborhoods next to tall modern high rises. It's a mix of San Francisco, New York, Boston and everything in between. And best of all, my two feet and the metro system will get me everywhere!

Thus I decided to create this blog to document my new adventure and mainly of all the eating we'll be doing! Because there's two things that make me really giddy, traveling and EATING!  I love love love love FOOD! So watch out east coast, I've got a suitcase full of stretchy pants and I'm HELLAAA ready to EAT!

With that, I will leave you with two signs I bumped into while strolling the streets:

Life's too short to not eat what you want and go wherever your heart tugs you!


  1. HotttDaymn Tam Pham, I am sad I didn't get to see you before you leave, but don't be surprised if we trek our way out there to visit you guys one day as DC is one of our fave places to visit.

    Arlington, VA is great place to be. If you want to see shabby, stop by Norfolk in the area surrounding Fort Eustis where I called home for 3 months on your way down to VA Beach this summer. Looks like you guys are landing on your feet al'rite. Have a great time eating and exploring. This is a great opportunity! Just don't fall in love with it too much and stay there permanently, that's all!

  2. I know =( I'm so sorry I couldn't make it out to our Kicking Crab date! Stupid food poisoning =( You guys are always more than welcome to come stay! We have a 1 bed + den and couch lol! I'm adding Norfolk and Fort Eustis to my list! We're getting our car today so we're checking out Super H Mart and Eden Center for some Nuoc Mia and spicy lobster stew! Say hi to Andy for me!

  3. hi there tam and george!!!did u guys enjoy the foods and beautiful places..??i guess u already observe and hanging around for the 1 few days..when u guys arrive and ryan and the family can fly there and visited u guys when u guys all settle everything in the apartment..say hi to george for us..and we all missed u guys so much///...i hope u get this post frm me and write back!!enjoy the weekend!!

  4. hi there tam and george!!how do i sign in ur blog!!??thanks...!!write back when u have chance!!!