Monday, August 15, 2011

Anything and everything

It finally feels like we live here now and not just tourists running around scrambling to eat everything in sight.  We even have our go-to places for our late night cravings, spicy foods, and happy hours.  It's starting to feel like home...

I've been a bit distracted and mainly we've been cooking in more so I've been slacking off on my blog duties but fear not! I'm always hungry and my camera's always ready to capture new eats!!

To start off on a sweet note...
1) Bakeshop in Arlington, VA
There's been a cupcake war waging in town--great for those with a sweet tooth.  I usually have a savory tooth--but this bakery is within walking distance from us so we had to try! =) (since we can't get into D.C Cupcakes because there's always a giant line even at closing)
Bakershop makes different varieties each day so you never get the same ol' same ol.  At $2.50 a pop, it's a good size cupcake!

Behold--> chocolate cupcake with butter cream and drizzled with caramel sauce and nuts!

This one had crunchy toffee on top.  The cupcake's pretty moist--nothing that uniquely stands out--but it's the butter cream frosting that makes me want to give this place another try!  Really light, really creamy, realllyyyy delicious!

Ok, seriously now..the BEST oatmeal cream pie.  Don't fight it, just put it in your mouth-- the cookies are light and chewy and the butter cream, not too decadent or sweet..but just right.....mmmmm

A very happy Friday night treat!

2) Since we've eaten at Bob's Noodle House, we had to try JOE'S!
(what is up w/ these Asian places..with these names..?)

Random Chinese noodle house out in the boonies: CHECK!
Weird English first name only basis : CHECK--GO JOE!

ooOOOhhh I'm excited for my mouth to be on FI-YAHHH!

Small place, packed house.  You had to wait in line to get a seat.  Then once seated, you have to walk yourself up to the counter and order food..odd.

We ordered a bit much and got two stamps =D.  The lady at the front told us we were ordering all the house specials!

Spicy noodles w/ spinach and beef.  George tossing the noodles reallll goooooood!
(i made this noodle collage myself!)

Literally face and mouth numbing spicy deep fried pork chops!  These szechuan peppers were potent!  This was so good with rice the next day!

Same seasoning but more lemongrass.  Fried Tofu with ground pork.  I can't wait to come back and order these items again!!!!

mmm...look at 'em peppass

Hardly a "light" lunch =) But so delicious and great leftovers!

To cool our faces down--honey green tea at Ten Ren w/ Boba balls!  Reminds me of Irvine!  They make the best drinks here.  But $5 for a large is steep!

Look what I found: Pho Nom Nom!

Sunday Grocery shopping: A random warning: WATCH OUT FOR CRAZY ASIAN MAMAS digging for longan fruits! They are feisty!

Sunday Funday Seafood Feast.  Why pay too much at restaurants for an old bay shrimp and blue crap boil when you can do it at home!

3) This past Sunday we visted the Maine Avenue Fish Market.  Reminded me of Pike's Place in Seattle but all dedicated to live, cooked, steamed and deeppp frrrieeddd seafood!

With thunder, lighting and a storm, we thought this place would be empty!  But rain or shine, people come ready to EAT and shop!

This giant lot stretch has one thing and one thing only: SEAFOOD!  These "stores" are boats bobbling in the water and it's nice to know where your food comes from.  I thought it would be dirty and smelly, but the air was filled with the aroma of steamed Maryland Blue crabs and deep fried goodness.
(heheh J.V, this is your hell)

This couple knows what's up.  They just bought a whole barrel of blue crabs!


Our view while eating.  I love gloomy rainy days--anywhere, especially if I'm indoors reading a good book.  But I'll settle for being at the fish market feasting on seafood. 

Hmm..ok, bad start.  Raw oysters that have been sitting out in 90 degree humidity..this is just asking for it.. no thank you.  But I had to give it a lick....

Hello lobster tasted deeee---licious!

Nom Nom

 Despite having just spent $40 dollars on lunch...we still needed some deep fried oysters.

Freshly shucked, juicy and succulent with a light batter! Came with two sides: we got french fries and fried potatoes!

Doesn't look like much, but whatever this fried potato concoction was, it was so good! Mash potatoes fried with onions and garlic!

Thank you George for the awesome picture of my giant forehead eating fried oysters!
Strawberry Lemonade to wash it all down!

4) SAMMIES for lunch at Earl's Sandwiches

Another wonderful neighborhood place for lunch.  We had to come early as it does get crowded!  We also got two of the specials on the menu:

Fried pork n' fries!!!
Fries, GOOD! Pork, GOOD!  Delicious homemade mayo on a toasty bread--GOOOOOOOOD!

Shredded Roasted Pork and oven roasted red peppers.  Still supper yummy but after fried pork n's a hard act to follow.  But we'll be back for sure since this place has some awesome delicious and unique sammie options.

And to end on a sweet note, after dinner at Yechon Korean BBQ, we dashed into this korean bakery/cafe shop next door for some dessert.  It's no 85 degrees but we did find Bingsoo! and some other yummy treats!!!

I love red bean!!!

And why i love this place--FREE SAMPLES!!!!!

 We decided on the mango and melon bar (i'm the one w/ the longer melon stick!), a chocolate croissant because no matter how bad it's still a chocolate croissant and it can never be gross in my eyes, and a "strawberry fruit aid"...weird name but basically a chunky strawberry soda drink!

Til the next great meal ..which is right around the corner....

"Perhaps travel cannot prevent bigotry, but by demonstrating that all peoples cry, laugh, eat, worry, and die, it can introduce the idea that if we try and understand each other, we may even become friends. "
-Maya Angelou

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