Monday, August 15, 2011

Jet Li!!!

Jet Li deserves his own blog page because 1) it's freaking random that Jet Li came to Virginia to promote Wushu..2) Jet Li is awesome--besides Donnie Yen--he kicks ass in flying movies AND starred in a movie with Aaliyah AND Morgan Freeman!! and 3) he was the World Wushu Champion for FIVE years in a row from 11-16 yrs old. And at just 11 yrs old, he was invited to perform for President Nixon in the U.S!  I was still picking and flinging boogers at 11...=/!

So when I read in the D.C Examiner that Jet Li was coming to town for a Wushu showcase at George Mason University in Fairfax, I bought us orchestra seats!!!

We didn't eat dim sum before the show to honor Jet Li being in our area but instead opted for Indian Buffet! $10, on the weekends, at an Indian Bistro! SCORE!

1) Bollywood Bistro in Fairfax, VA 

Chick peas are usually disgusting..but these were yummy and creamy!  And instead of Chicken Tikka Masala, they called it "Butter Chicken Curry" which tasted the exact same way...

I love yummy hot naan

And my favorite--tandoori chicken--the more crispier the better!  I love burnt edges!

So many Asians!  It felt so nice and homey!

I was super excited! George said he felt nervous...

Even though we were disappointed that Jet Li wasn't performing and was instead sitting in the 3rd row of the auditorium w/ a cap and sunglasses on..(which strengthens my theory that he was hungover)..he did get on stage to make a speech!

Gotta love Jet Li =D  He didn't quite make a lot of sense..awesome nonetheless!

It's JET LI! (I swear it's not an anonymous Asian guy wearing a hat)


The show got craving for some Chinese food so we caught a light dinner at

2) Miu Kee in Falls Church, VA

A Vietnamese owned Chinese restaurant

This made George and I laughed..reminded us of all the asian places back in CA

These places are always so packed!!  I heard plenty of ghetto loud Vietnamese.  A great surprise has been hearing Vietnamese people EVERYWHERE! even at our local wholefoods!

The Vietnamese touch--spicy deep fried shrimp topped with fried scallions!

Shrimp stuffed with fried tofu in an oyster sauce (?) REALLY yummy!

LOL and george's fortune! it "lunch"? is it "luck"..we'll soon find out!


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