Thursday, April 12, 2012

Chasin' Tails

The opening of a new crawfish joint in the neighborhood deserves a "HELL YES!" "THANK GOD" "WOOHOO" post. 

This reminds me of when I first moved to Orange County and had crawfish boil for the first time.  I came home sniffing my fingers, re-salivated, and demanded we go back the next day.  Weekly crawfish $80 meals became a must!!  Our wallets got skinnier, we developed back fat and major heart burn but it was alllll soooo worth it.

O.C (randomly) had so many options.  When my first choice Boiling Crab wasn't available, I ran to my next favorite--Claws or Rockin' Crawfish.  When that wasn't available there was The Kickin' Crab near our house.  As long as it's spicy and I got limes--it'll be a finger lickin' good ol' time.

Then I moved to D.C.  I am all for new adventures in a new city because I had no doubt that I would eat my way around town to find delicious food.  But crawfish boil in a bag is a rarity and it was the one thing D.C couldn't satisfy me with--with the exception of Hot n' Juicy which was great in times of emergencies when my crawfish cravings possessed me--but their sauce was too unpredictable and inconsistent--and the other cajun places around town didn't do boils.
But just last weekend, a new crawfish place opened in the neighborhood (drum roll)  .........  


Whoever opened this place did their research and down right stole some ideas and learned the mistakes of Boiling Crab (i.e naming their combo sauce "whole shebang", having a "watering hole" instead of closed bathrooms doors, not watering down the sauce and sheisting us on corn, sausages and potatoes!!) and they did a few things that we found to be excellent in their own right.

We came at linner time--around 4 p.m.  I saw lots of Vietnamese faces as well--ofcourse, wherever the seafood is, there we are!
Random: One of my favorite shirts the servers had on: "That fish CRAY!"

Lets get down to business:
*1 coke to share, 2 waters
*2 lbs of fresh crawfish (which came with corn, sausage, and potatoes) Whole Shebang, N'awlins spicy
*1 fried oyster basket, please substitue regular fries for sweet potato fries (yum!) for $1 more (our server ended up giving us regular fries for free! yay!)
*1 basket of 6 chicken wings
*and for later, your beignets (fried to order) and strawberry jam (freshly made every morning)

Crap..i'm salivating again

sweating and hot from the spicy n'awlings heat already

fried fresh, so clean, so juicy tasting--and lightly battered in cornmeal 

The wings!!!  Fried and then tossed in a wet garlic rub!  Juicy on the inside as well but George said they could use a bit more salt.

His excited face!

I love sweet potato fries =)

And lastly, the beignets..small dainty fried things sitting on a mountain of powdered sugar next to fresh strawberry jam

I devoured these

That damn jam is so good, my eyes are crossed!

 Not bad for us!

Let the hearburn and stomach pains ensue!

Next food goal trip: taste the real crawfish boil and beignets in N'awlins Louisiana!

My food motto:  You gotta eat good!
In the words of my wise cousin Evelyn, YOLO!! 


  1. Omg all that for $50!!!!!! So jealous and it all looks so good! P.s. loving the colored skinnies