Sunday, May 6, 2012

April Happenings

1) GEEK FEST: Video Games Live Concert at the Strathmore in Betheseda, MD
George coerced me into going to a video game concert awhile back...sigh.  While it's sorta cool to listen to a full live symphony orchestra and choir play popular video game music for 3 HOURS, I felt uber geeked out and oddly out of place--mainly because I didn't show up dressed in costume and know all the songs.  But we even saw a wedding proposal--the guy proposed to her in game lingo!

The princesses duking it out with dance moves on the Kinect
We were amongst the serious gamers up in third row

Gorgeous venue!
 George seated and ready!

Costume contest final contestants!

Tommy Tallarico: creator, video game composer playing his bad ass guitar
 the dude from Halo
 This was the most worth it moment of the night --late night happy hour at Hank's!! $1 oysters, Shrimp cocktail, shrimp boil, and ceviche! wooohoo!

We're on the APABA-DC (asian lawyers club) team for the Dragon Boat Festival this year!  Our team name is Bakuwanas.  APABA-DC enters in 2 teams each year, Water and Fire.  We decided to be "hard core" and be on the FIREEE team!  We've been training for several Sundays now and practice has been rough since I lack stamina, ab and back muscles and pretty much have no strength and power.  But I love paddling and being out on the water and learning something new!

The festival's on May 19th weekend.  Hopefully I can get some good shots of us being out on the water.  It's gonna be cray!

First Sunday practice down by the pier - next to the seafood market and the crab boil--so cruel.

Albert and Christine gets married in S.F
 For more photos:

It's always fun to come home, eat, and catch up with every one!  But as usual, too short of a trip =(

Vietnamese lunch with family and some old college friends in San Jose, CA

My littler sister aka "The Booger"

 The nephew aka Lemon Head (b/c he has giant ears)
Delicious grilled beef wrapped with onions!

 BOBA time!!! Real mature boogs, real mature

My cousin Evelyn, aka "young goat"
 Skipping back to the van!

 GO BEARS =D  I'm a menace!
At Jacky's house for some Kinect fun

And because we're ghetto, we also jacked some lemons from Jacky's lemon tree! 

Another awesome trip back home!  And to top it off, we flew back on the BEARD!!! on Virgin America!   

I also met the President this month!  Nearly lost my mind and could not contain my excitement..hence the crazy looking photos with my giant mouth wide open and crossed eyes..Definitely one of the best moments of my life! 
He's amazing...I'm gonna cry
 omg omg omg I look crazy!
I'm surprised that asian secret service didn't tranquilize me
For more photos:

5) FOOD!
Tried out a new Peruvian place!

 My pisco sour cocktail: grape distilled brandy, key lime juice, beaten egg whites for the frothy foam, topped with cinnamon
Knocked me out!

One of my favorite Peruvian dishes
lomo saltado - stripped beef sauteed w/ fried potato, onion, and tomato, served w/ rice  

Camarones a la Limena: shrimp sauteed in butter..
you can't go wrong!

Spicy peanut sauce!

 Parihuela - seafood soup 
Seafood tasted ok--probably a frozen mix.  But the giant clam was delicious!

Not the best flan I've ever had but I can't resist flan!!!

Joey--the new addition to our family!!!


  1. So much packed into one post - I love you in the first picture of Obama! One of the best photos ever!