Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Passport D.C

Totally fatigued and sick while writing this post so I'm sorry if none of what I'm writing makes sense!
 Last Saturday I was bad and ditched work to go to Passport D.C.  Passport DC is a month long celebration of international cultural Awareness in Washington, DC where more than 70 embassies open their doors to allow visitors to come inside and learn about each country!  We've been dying to go inside these gorgeous old mansions and this was the perfect opportunity!! It's also an easy way to travel around the world without leaving the city!  Next weekend all the European embassies will open their doors but I have to work =(

You can pick up souvenir passports and get them stamped at every embassy

First stop, Indonesia!  The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia is the former Walsh mansion  Evalyn Walsh McLean is also the last private owner of the 44 ½ carat Hope Diamond!!

Definitely the most luxurious embassy we saw that day.
gorgeous main staircase

Off to the Bahamas!

Free tasting of a variety of rum cakes!

Embassy of Haiti

Dominican Republic--Food + free rum and coke!

mm..i have to look up these recipes and try it at home!

Lunch Break at out favorite french place in Dupont Circle for some Moules Bretonne!
and some sorbetto to cool off from the heat!

mmm..honey lime pineapple!

long lines for Japan.  Everyone wanted to meet the ambassador!


We celebrated Cinco De Mayo at La Sandia

where i found the creamiest and cinnamony-iest horchata was quite heavenly!  I could go for some right now!
and the same could be said about their guacamole!  Overpriced of course but oh so creamyyyy and simple!  Delicious!

and some overpriced street tacos!! Oh how I miss El Taurino in LA!!!! Where the hot sauce makes your face burn oh so good!

oh man..i'm getting hungry and thirsty again..

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