Monday, October 17, 2011


This past weekend was another eating fest (you should know by now it's what we do best =)) as Deric and Helen flew over for the long Columbus Day weekend.  Since they're equally fatasses, it included 4-5 meals a day and we even scheduled some outdoor hikes since the weather's been gorgeous and the fall leaves are out in full force in vibrant oranges, yellows and reds---plus, it's the only way to work up a bigger appetite. 

Montmartre at Eastern Market Metro Stop for Saturday Brunch
 Prosciutto panini

 bacon and mushroom quiche with a crispy crunchy eggy outer crust...mmmmm!

Deric's two delicious eggs benadict

juicy mussels

first time i had a savory crepe with...wait for it..wait for it...

runnnyyyy egggg yolkkk!!!

Tasting macarons at the Sweet Lobby

Sweet potato marshmallow cupcakes!! yippeee!!

a box of 6--eaten/scarfed down on the sidewalk before we even made it back to the car

This was my absolute favorite!

Obrycki's Crab House & Seafood Restaurant in Maryland as visited by Man vs. Food
We had to compare this crab place with our go-to in VA..
crabbies: my favorite sea creature to eat!

sadly this place sucked (precooked small dinky crabbies that were reheated and horrible tasting seasoning) ...I think we'll stick to Quarter Deck in VA.

 But their ridiculously priced $29 crabcakes were amazing and filled with nothing but 3 different types of crab meat!

Sunny day in Baltimore, MD

Love this candy store and their awesome offerings

some hungry child gnawed on this giant gummy bear that was on display..eww..=/

I never knew that Congress was this gorgeous at night...not to mention so grand

I was super super super excited to be running up the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court...

Late night reverse happy hour oysters at Hank's!

And because it's Deric, we HAD to run to a Korean bakery and buy a cake at 12 a.m =D
...and then another one the next night =D yippeee!

 Breakfast in our neighborhood.  This place's known to have yummy sammiches and coffee

My cappuccino and George's homemade Nutella pop-tart!

My porkbelly sammich...I would have liked it more if the pork belly was a bit more crispy

Georgy's poached egg mcmuffin with prosciutto, arugula and munster cheese --really good!

 Off on our hike on George Washington's 800 (!!) acre estate on Mt. Vernon, VA

 Us and the Washingtons!

G-Dub's original colonial home

and amazing view from his back porch..

Exploring his estate

 The reason why I love fall on the east coast...all the gorgeous colors

A long hike deserves an evening of gluttony..starting with dessert first!

Left:Apple Cider Right: Lemon opal and basil sorbetta to tie us over for the 1 hr wait. Sooo good!

French is what's for dinner! Cheesssyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy onion soup!

Broiled Pesto mussels and escargot

Could this have BEEN more amazing? Lobster Bisque Mussels with lumps of lobster and shrimp...
So good we drowned french fries and two helpings of french bread to sop up the sauce.

scraping the bowl and drinking the bisque!

Poached Pear Tart--warm, caramelly and so so so delicious

 Every time we have visitors and give them a walking tour of the city, we discover more new things we haven't seen!
Korea War Memorial

I think this place became my new favorite! World War II Memorial..vast, grand, gorgeous, serene..I could spend all day here..

Not your normal graffiti--> check out its amazing history!  

Evenings like these make me so happy

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