Thursday, October 6, 2011

Out and About

I love it when our friends come to visit--it's an excuse to explore more of the city and ofcourse, to EAT!

I also took out my dslr for some practice.  It's quite hard but everywhere I went everyone was willing to share some very helpful tips!  Hopefully I'll get better at snapping great food photos soon!

In addition to showing our friends the must-taste-I-can't-get-enough-Maryland blue crab feast and late night Korean bbq joints, we took them to some new favorites!

Some highlights...

 We scream for ice cream!!

In Old Town Alexandria on King Streetz

My ultimate favorites: Cookies n' Cream and Mint Chocolate Chip! 

I had to try this Frozen Custard place--having missed amazing custard from Strickland's in Irvine and in Seattle

This one sucked =(  They only had chocolate and vanilla, was salty and tasted a bit like McDonald's icecream.  Damn you for taking valuable stomach space!

In between eating, we did some walking around the city to rebuild the good ol' appetite.
Thomas Jefferson Memorial!

George's HERO!

What a gorgeous view...

Walking through Franklin D. Roosevelt's beautiful memorial

A depiction of the Great Depression and the Bread line

War Veterans in line to take pictures with FDR

The original unveiling of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial was canceled due to the hurricane.  But we finally got to see it up close and personal this past weekend.

I love this city..everywhere you look, there's inspiration.

For a different kind of inspiration--we headed to the Eastern Market in search of some good grub!  It is not as large as Quincy Market in Boston or Pike Place in Seattle, but this place has great potential.  Set in a charming neighborhood with cute shops and eateries, I could have spent all day here.  The weather and atmosphere reminded me of San Francisco's Noe Valley.

Organic homemade jams

Organic fruits and veggies

I learned so many new apple varities!  LOVE this place for all the FREE samples!!!

Fresh made mini donuts while you wait!

And your choice of toppings!!  White chocolate, confection sugar and my favorite, cinnamon!

Next time, we're getting the Lover's Box = 40 fresh and hot minis for $9 dollahs!!!

George and I made a pact that day to be eating buddies fo' life!

but soon parted ways when we saw Erica's amazing Gumbo!!! and had to fight for the third shrimp!

Not yet full from all our snacking, we needed real lunch!  This place was packed and best known for breakfast but no breakfasts on Sundays =(

 nothing beats a good sweet tea when you're hot and hungry

Behold the fried oyster and crab cake combo

Great crab cakes are made with loads of crab and none of the stupid fillers like bread crumbs.  This one was pretty darn tasty!

We got the full fried oyster combo with fried green tomatoes and baked beans.  mmmmmmmm!!! Really fresh and juicy oysters with a light batter.  I've actually never had a fried green tomato!  Sour and tarty and crispy--they're so good and a perfect side to cut through the tartar sauce!

This one's for you Michelle!  Who doesn't want BURN PLEASURES!

Brrrrr!  It appears fall skipped a beat this past weekend and went straight to 49 degree winter!  A cup of joe hits the spot!

Erica's heart latte and my joe face cappuccino--happyyyyyy =)

Because he's so darn cute

I am a huge museum fan and there are endless options here AND FREE admissions.   We took Erica and Phil to the National Mall and picked the Smithsonians' American History museum.  

A wing dedicated to the First Ladies! What a great section!

Michelle Obama's Inauguration dress by Jason Wu....gorgeous!

Dorothy's original slippers!!!

...China..what's up with the knife money?!

Founding Farmers

With 1353 Yelp Reviews--this place was packed and apparently a must try in D.C!  During the 1+ hour wait, we decided to head over and see the White House a couple blocks down! some chicken nuggets from Mcdonalds to tie ourselves over ..hehehe

Back in the warmth and famished, I'm ready to get my grub on!

Organic and conscious food means usually means SSSS but the food was pretty reasonably priced and was quite GOOD!  I'm definitely coming back to try other tasty dishes!!

George's Shrimp and grits!  Flavorful, tangy, creamy grits topped with spicy Louisiana sausage and shrimp.

O-M-G--Erica's butternut squash ravioli with sage brown butter! holy moly batman..this-was-so-amazing!

Phil's ribs didn't really stand out and wasn't very memorable but not bad

My Bucatini with Tomato and Bacon and Poached Eggs on handcrafted pasta!  Eggs!  A girl's best friend!  I once ate 6 scrambled eggs for breakfast!  Chunky fatty crispy bacon lardon, tomatoes, runny yolk.....heaven!  


Happy Eating Everyone!

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