Monday, September 26, 2011

A San Francisco Quickie

I went home real quicckkk this past weekend to see my family and to attend a friend's wedding.  It flew by so fast but was so much fun!

Delta made our Friday trip home a nightmare and we ended up taking 15 hours to get to S.F (but gee thanks for the $6 food voucher Delta!) so I missed my family dinner but my mom did leave us some leftovers =) And I even got to see my beloved grammy!

This precious face came to pick me up at the airport...why no man has snatched up all of thizzz is a mystery...

Mom's Ca Nuong--Roasted Catfish--but we Phams like to fry the whole damn thing so the skin's extra crispy with lots of toasted peanuts and sauteed green onions!

Mom's Goi--my mama's shrimp and pork salad! YUMMS

Woohoo! Belated b-day presents!!

Gorgeous venue in Fremont

Beautiful day for a beautiful occasion

Scoping out the snack table to follow after the reception =P

A very nervous but happy groom!

One of the best moment of the day--when Anna arrived by horse carriage

The beautiful bride


That's my boyfriend..cutting women, children, grandmas for meatballs and eggrolls

Fun on the carriage!

HONGRY and hard at work to find the chicken wings place for our lunch since we had 5 hours of down time

99 Chicken!

Kimchi Fried Rice

Honey Wings and Wings in Spicy Sauce

Soy n' Garlic Wings!  This was my favorite!

B/c we weren't fully satisfied--we had to get roti bread for dessert!!

Of course for George who wasn't full--dessert meant a Korean taco..
Off to the dinner banquet in South San FranciscoI love 8 course Chinese banquet weddings!!!

Open Bar

Me and my jolly rancher fruity drink b/c I can't handle alcohol for the life of me


1st Course:  I was really looking forward to the cold cuts--especially the jelly fish and the roast pork crispy skin!

Fried Shrimp Balls

Squid, Scallops and snow peas! mmm!

God..I love photos of pretty food, I love eating good food..

Controversial ..but really delicious =/..shark fin soup

Table toast..oh

Roasted Quail

I love abalone!!!!

Wedding games: Anna's gotta feel some men legs and find Henry's

asian too many shots!

Red Velvet CAKE!

Flower bouquet toss

absolute terror that the flower might come to me..

 photo booth fun!

Great wedding Henry--you're now a married man!!! =D

After the wedding we decided to hit downtown S.F and head over to the Bubble Lounge on Broadway--great for late night open bars..topless bars..strip clubs..AND late night chinese food! yippee!


Extremely short but sweet weekend...

For more photos of the wedding -->GO HERE!...


  1. Hope my face brought you more publicity. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  2. Where did u get that dress from? Send it to me!! I want all your freaking dresses!!! I have a wedding to go to and no cute stuff to wear....