Monday, September 5, 2011

Catching Up Part 2: Family and Friends

It's been fun sharing some of our favorite eateries and trying new spots with our equally fat ass friends/family this past two weeks! 

Our friend Deric arrived to D.C the night before Hurricane Irene was supposed to hit.  Before picking him up, we decided to check out a Thai place literally across the street from our apartment---Sawatdee.  
Since we're in a yuppy area, the prices are bit high but I'm glad there's a good Thai place we can run to--great for winter when I want some comfort food but don't want to drive anywhere.
The colorful menu

I always have to order a thai ice tea every time!  This one was creamy and rich! yummms!

Chicken curry

Fried tilapia in a mango and tamarind sauce

Pad Thai--my favorite dish--limey, peanuty, yummy

 As full as we were, we had to order the fried banana with mango ice cream!  A GREAT choice!

We of course didn't think this through and what was supposed to be a light dinner filled us to the point of bursting.  Deric, one of our true fatassssss eating friend was coming and we also had Korean BBQ at 1 a.m later that night!

On Saturday Hurricane Irene hit but in true East Coast/Bay area fashion, a rain storm/hurricane was not going to hinder us from eating!  So we put on our loosest pair of shorts and brought our umbrellas for a full day of eating!

Deric's truffled grits, pork belly and quail eggs

George's German suasage with sauerkraut and fingerling potatoes

My german ham and cheese croissant

Our assorted pick of macarons! Y-U-M-SSSS!!!

EVEN with the storm, we STILL can't get into D.C Cupcakes! This is like the fourth try!  These people are major fatasses!

Lunch #2!  We HAD to show Deric good fried chicken at Oohs and Aahs!

I think he likes it...

With some mac and cheese, yams, and greens! YESSSSS!

To work off all the gluttony, on Sunday we decided to walk from VA to D.C and check out some tourist spots

1.5 miles away from our apartment sits the beautiful Iwo Jima monument.  Clear blue skies and specs of clouds--the weather was gorgeous and no signs that a howling hooting hurricane occurred last night.  It was a great day for our walk.
If you stand to the left of the monument, there's a gorgeous view of the city and you can see directly right into D.C and see Congress and the Washington monument.

The view into the city from where we were standing

 gorgeous--must come back up here for a picnic or just to sit and read a book

 I visited some of these spots on my trip to D.C in college.  I loved the Arlington Cemetery--where General Robert E. Lee's home is also located!  I am a hugggeeee fan of historical places!

Walking across the Memorial Bridge from VA into D.C.  You can see downtown Virginia from the bridge.

Into D.C we goooo!
 Yes, that is George carrying my

 Storm-Schhmoormmm--Tourists were out in full force at the Lincoln Memorial

Sweaty, tired, and HOT!

In front of the Lincoln Memorial lies the Washington Monument and the Reflecting Pool which is currently under renovation.  In the winter time, the pool freezes over and becomes an ice skating rink.  I can't wait!!!

Off to eat Maryland Crabs!

Seafood Appetizer

Erica and George's parents also enjoy a good crap boillll!!!

I first visited D.C with Erica back in college for a medical convention when we thought we were going to go to med  So glad she made her second visit to D.C with me to share in some of the gluttony!

The delicious messy aftermath

One of the reason why I love Deric--he's a ruthless eater!!!! Sunday Night at 10 p.m, AFTER eating at 5 different restaurants between the hours of 5 p.m and 10 p.m, boy said "I WANT BIRTHDAY CAKE!"
So after convincing him that we should NOT get a cake that feeds 20 people, we headed to a Korean bakery to get a smaller cake. 

Back at the apartment we devoured the entire cake in, and I kid you not, 30 minutes.

That cake was BOMB!  We chose a butter cream base! Light, fluffy, creamy, not too sweet fruity goodness!! 

THEN AGAIN on Monday night, Deric wanted ANOTHER cakeeee!!!!  So we gladly obliged and drove him to another Korean bakery!!!!

This is how we roll on a Monday night at 12 a.m...CAKE!  George and I got to blow out our birthday candles this time =).  THANKS DERIC!

Poor Coach...had to eat his blah ol' cat food

We took Erica to Leopold's Bakery in Georgetown to try a few late night goodies!
Raspberry macaron with almond creme!!! NOMMMSSS!

Earl Grey chocolate cake--looks rich, but was actually really light and creamy

THE BOOB Mouuse!!! My favorite!!!!

Beignet balls tossed with cinnamon sugar and chocolate sauce

Family, friends, and great food-- =)

P.S.  If you're in the market for a sugar mama/sugar daddy, Arlington VA ranks #2 on CNN money as one of the best places for the rich and single!


  1. I hate reading your blog 11:33 at night...

  2. =D! man, i saw your fish collar that you roasted for your mama and thought the same thing!!!