Sunday, September 18, 2011


On the Sunday of the anniversary, we decided to walk around Old Town Alexandria to appreciate the day.

About eight miles from our apartment sits Old Town Alexandria.  Dating back to 1749, Alexandria’s riverfront was an important port during the colonial, revolutionary and Civil War periods. Today Old Town Alexandria still has the same colonial charm with 17th-18th century homes, cobblestone streets, churches, museums, shops and restaurants.

Arlington and Alexandria used to officially be part of Washington D.C, however in 1846, all areas south of the Potomac River were retroceded to Virginia by the Federal Government.  Today, because it is still within the beltway, these areas are still considered to be part of the Washington D.C Area.

Pride and patriotism was in the air--signaled by the many American flags that hung on people's homes and shops.

The Art fair that happens every Sunday

Honoring the crawfish!

My favorite medium's definitely acrylic.  Such vibrant colors!

This was my favorite artist.  Such great affects by printing photos onto canvas and using watercolor!

Lunch at the Old Firehouse

George's fried chicken n' waffles with kale
Didn't care much for the kale but the fried chicken and waffles were really good-- light and crispy!

My Eggs Benny with Virginia hamI rarely get this since a lot of places don't make it right..and i was correct.  My english muffin was burnt and I couldn't cut through it with a knifeBut the potato hash was super good and runny eggs are always great!

 So many homes and buildings here have this historic seal!

So random, but while looking, a passerbyer who also happened to be a historian told us if we looked at the side of the building, we could still see the fire that was set to it during the Civil War!

While walking, I also noticed the leaves--fall is coming...!!! =)

All in all, it was a really nice day that served as a wonderful reminder to appreciate, be grateful and enjoy the life you live because it is a short one.

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