Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ray's The Steak

We went to Ray's the Steak for Labor Day dinner with George's parents since it's one block from our place and we heard great reviews about it.  Wine was cheap, the steak was also reasonably priced, tender and cooked to your choice of done-ness.  All in all it was a great dinner and even better leftovers for  lunch at work!  I had the whole kitchen smelling like truffled mushrooms! yum!

aged hunk-o-beef

options options options!  We didn't top our steaks off with bone marrow or seared foie gras w/ truffled oil--but my oh my would that be decadent!

pretty reasonable--even cheap for a great steak house!

We started off with the Sherried Crab Bisque.  Supper yummy, creamy--a bit on the rich side.  There were tons of crabby lumps!!

George's parents had the 28 oz. bone in rib eye, I had the 14 oz cajun blacked rib-eyed and George got the hanger steak--a very tender and underused cut of beef that was so good!  I'm getting the hanger steak again next time!

Our steak came with really yummy garlic mash and creamed spinach (I didn't like the spinach b/c they added to much italian parsley).  I ordered the extra side of truffled wild mushrooms.

My steak with garlic toppings!!--Traditionally blackened and medium rare, the way i love it.

yummy wild shrooooms!

A great meal makes everyone happy =)

And not to forget about dessert--their awesome and popular key lime pie!

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