Monday, September 19, 2011


Phew, still in my 20s..barely...;p
27 was quite an exciting year..lots of ups and downs and big changes that thank god is working out in its own good way.  Hopefully 28 will be full of new challenges, new things to learn, personal growth, and more amazing things to eat!

B-day started out in a spicy way! Uncle Liu's hot pot!! =D

 a twirling pot of hot spicy broth--yums

There must always be quail eggs for hot pot!

Dinner was just absolutely perfectly amazing.  I felt extra special and undeservingly extra spoiled but it was so good!  Thank you babe!!!

 Heading out to dinner and feelin' good

Marcel's (French) in Washington, D.C

At Marcel's, you have a choice to order individual entrees or do a 3, 4, 5, or 7 tasting menu.  After convincing George we shouldn't be fat asses, I chose the 3 course and George got the 4 course tasting menu.
The ambiance was definitely swanky--a bit stuffy and classy for my taste but such great great service and a good excuse to dress up!  

We were greeted by a warm candle lit dining room, chandeliers, men dressed in suspenders and suits.  Our next table neighbor also spoke french =).  
I chose tonight to try out my b-day gift from George, a Canon digital slr camera...but the place was so intimate and dark that I felt extra rude for flashing the flash!  It's gonna take some time, but I love learning new skills and can't wait to take some amazing food pictures with my new baby!

An amuse-bouche of asparagus soup, assorted fresh bread--rosemary bread, and 3 different types of butter spread (paprika, rosemary, and fennel)

Each dish came out on a silver tray by men in bow ties.  I think we went through 5 sets of utensils tonight---they kept changing our silverware.

My first course: Halibut, wild mushrooms, black truffle pureee (gleeeee =) it's all that black paint on my plate!), asparagus, herb oil and yellow chives!
Great crust on the halibut and super moist center.

George's: Diver Scallops with English Pea puree, pea shoots in a warm sherry vinaigrette.  God this was super good!
Is it me..or are the french real skimpy with their food..these plates were like 3 bites!!

Screw disturbing the ambiance--all this food looked so gorgeous I couldn't resist capturing it with flash!
Beaver Creek Quail Breast, Gruyere Cheese potato cake (!!!!! super crispy and creamy), cippolini onion, tarragon quail butter.  Though small, the quail was crispy, lightly pink in the center and bursting with juicy flavor....mmmmmmm!

Roasted Pork loin, potato croquettes, lardons of smoked hickory bacon (!!!), julienne apples and brandy sauce...drooooollll

Martin's Ranch Beef Tenderloin, Potato Puree, Hericot Vert (french green beans), Port Cream Sauce (this sauce was bomb!)So diddlyscrumptious!!!

DESSERT TIME! Valhrona Chocolate Ganache, Brulee White Chocolate Cake, Vanilla ice cream, raspberry and chocolate sauce!  The sugar cane on top was super cool!!! Such a good dessert!

French press coffee while waiting for our second dessert!

What made this chocolate souffle even better--was that it was freeee =) because we had to wait an extra 8 minutes..crazy impeccable service!!!

George pouring that chocolate!!! mmmm!!!
Chocolate souffle with hazelnut chocolate icecream

A delicious parting gift by the pastry chef--a petite four--forgot what the first one white chocolate mango sorbet that literally melted in your mouth 3rd: white chocolate ganache and 4th: chocolate mint truffle

Gorgeous flowers in the bathroom!

I seriously love this new camera!  It captures food and things so beautifully!

Leaving Marcel's after a wonderful dinner with Georgy

Full and happy back at home

Look who greeted us all sleepy at the door!!!

Thank you everyone for all the birthday love =)
I'm very grateful and truly blessed.

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