Sunday, November 13, 2011

Banh Xeo

 Banh Xeo
One of my favorite things to make at home--Vietnamese savory crepes made with rice flour, tumeric for the yellow color, and green onions.  For a rich and crispy batter, I use coconut milk and beer!  The beer flavor is deliciously intoxicating when the crepe is cooking!  Growing up I loved my mama's banh xeo so I'm especially proud to make it like hers!

Filling for my crepes--pork, shrimp, thinly sliced onions, and bean sprouts.

Or if you're George, alll shrimpppp

My crepe filled with pork and shrimp =D

China Bistro (Rockville, MD)
George and I were looking for good dumplings and since we were in the asian area of town, this place came up on Yelp.  Known for their juicy dumplings, this place is a small joint with very rude servers that barely speaks English--a sign of authentic food to come!  It's so good that we've already been back twice!!! 

Dumplings are made to order and takes about 30 minutes and can be fried or steamed.  And that lychee boba drink was delish too!

Though they look big, the dough is light and the inside is filled with such sweet juices that upon biting into it, my dumpling squirted onto my face and glasses, across my arm and stained the chair next to me.  It was intense, burning in your mouth, crispy, juicy--all the things a girl could ask for in a dumpling.  I was dunking these shrimp and chives babies in spicy, vinegar, soy sauce and was on my way to slurping, sipping, happy goodness.

Sauce of choice: soy sauce, vinegar, and a butt load of chilli oil

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