Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Spread ' Em!!

Last Sunday we walked out to Le Pain Quotidien--a chain brunch place in our neighborhood that serves simple, boulangerie food, using organic ingredients.  They also have several locations in CA and offer baking classes!!

The atmosphere was warm and cozy , bustling with families out for breakfast.  The main attraction here however, is the FREE amazing spreads for your bread that sits at every table.  

Fresh squeeze orange juice truly makes me giddy

 Breakfast Basket: assorted organic bread & croissant

*Drumroll*----> the 4 insanely sinfully delightful spreads
 Noisella: Belgian Chocolate Hazelnut
Blondie: Belgian White Chocolate
Apricot Jam
Fruit Jam Medley

My cute little egg friend

Runny boiled eggs, cracked pepper, some salt on a toasted baguette = happiness and high cholesterol

French Ham and Gruyere cheese omelet with greens--it we say "aiight..." Nothing special to knock your socks off--but not bad!
Side note:..we need to warn these restaurants before hand not to seat us at these small dinky 2 person tables..we clearly order a lot of food.

George: "some people call this the black and white.."

Behold: heart attack inducing, 1,000 calories, white Belgium chocolate and hazelnut spread in a swirl of fatty goodnessss!

My turn--some call this the triple threat..move aside as I glob on white chocolate, hazelnut and the 4 fruit medleys!
Spreading it nice and gooooodd...

...ok so it just tasted like fruity jam mixed with white chocolate and hazelnut..but it was damn good!

It was a good idea not to buy any of heart might give out..

hehehe--isn't he just precious?

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