Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy Holidays: Happy Thanksgiving!

This is the first year George and I spent Thanksgiving away from our family and friends.  Although we missed everyone, I must admit, it was really nice not to cook and CLEAN (!!) and to just enjoy the day doing what we do best--over eating!  

I'm thankful that my friends and family are healthy; I'm thankful for the roof over our heads, I'm thankful for my job that pays for all this amazing food and the mountain of school debt I still owe; Most importantly, I'm thankful my taste buds, eye sight (even if it's only 1 eye) and senses work so that I can enjoy the amazing food we get to eat.  It was truly a wonderful scrumptious weekend.  And I'm very thankful for that!


Traditional Thanksgiving dinner at Liberty Tavern in our neighborhood
The Menu

Fat ass George already left me for the line...

Shrimp Cocktail (pretty big shrimp!);  Turkey in cranberry sauce; Roasted Brussels Sprouts; Spinach pine nuts and pomegranates salad; Maple Roasted Sweet Potato "souffle" (I want more of this!!!)
 Everything was surprisingly really good, minus the turkey which was a bit dry.

 Mac n' Cheese (YUM!); Ham (a bit salty); some complicated sounding stuffing that was super tasty!

Roasted Autumn Squash Soup with creme fraiche and pumpkin seeds (really comforting and tasty!); more of my favorite stuffing; and fried chicken!

Seconds please!!!

George also stuffing his face with the Vermont pizza (Cabot white cheddar, prosciutto, caramelized onions, granny Smith apples, and sage  and the Americano pizza (grilled chicken, smoked cheddar, mozzarella, tomato, oregano and arugula)

French press coffee

Mini sweet potato and pumpkin pies and apple crisp

Mini pecan pie--my 2nd favorite to pumpkin pie!
What's Thanksgiving without the Black Friday madnesssss at 12 a.m!!!!!  I've never sweated so much and ran so hard in my life scrambling around to grab all the good deals!!  I might be the only nut job that thinks this is a great fun time!


For a non-traditional feast, George and I also pulled a quickie to Philadelphia for one thing, and one thing only--> to eat at Iron Chef Morimoto's original restaurant!

Sights of Philly

 Statue of William Penn welcoming you to the city
Interesting history on the curse!:

 Gotta love downtown Philly:  a guy free style rapping to a background track of Adele; a group of high school kids cursing; cop sirens, a homeless man walking towards me mugging while rapping to some phantom lyrics

Off to see George's must-see: The Liberty Bell

The line for the bell!

Of course I HAD to check out their Chinatown!!!  Philly so kills D.C's Chinatown!  But not as good as S.F's!

I couldn't wait til dinner and had to get a pork bun and hong kong milk tea!!! I had to stop the boyfriend from getting a roast duck plate!

 Words can not express my freaking excitement to have eaten this meal!!!!.....EEEKK!!!!!!

We're here for the Omakase which ranges from $80, $120, $150 per person and upward.  We decided to go with the $120 Omakase--you only live once!!!! =D

 1st Course: Toro Tartare, fresh wasabi, osetra caviar; to finish, a red peach plum to cleanse

2nd Course: Kumamoto Oysters in a trio of sauces
1) Japanese orange salsa
2) Citrus cilantro ceviche 
3) Thai fish sauce with jalapeno

3rd Course: seared hotate carpaccio seasoned with garlic, ginger, misuba, and chives, finished with yuzu citrus-soy
I chose the option to add some thinly sliced truffles to one of our plates.  They were just flown in from Alba, Italy that morning and costs $2,000 a pound!
Worth every lick.

4th Course: Sashimi Salad of Kanpachi fish, mixed greens, yuzu vinaigrette & chive oil

Intermezzo: raspberry pomegranate soda

5th Course:  Lobster epice: chef morimoto's eight spice lobster, citrus creme fraiche & fresh chives

super duper excited!!!

Screw etiquette, at these prices, I'm eating the shells!

Eagerly awaiting the next plate while looking longingly at other people's delicious food!

6th Course: Braised Kobe short ribs, wasabi furikake crust, wasabi greens, pickled carrot & turnip, red wine reduction

What "melt in your mouth" looks like on a plate...

so gone =***(((

7th Course: Chef's selection of sushi

The atmosphere and ambiance was super trendyOddly, we saw a lot of children there too..They get to eat like this..?!

Dessert: Sweet Potato cheesecake with miso caramel and black sesame

My favorite season is here!

Thank you thank you thank you for my many blessings. 

 If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world. -J.R.R. Tolkien

(although, JRR failed to mention the caveat that you kinda need a bit of gold to afford the food and do the cheer)


  1. LOL to your 1 eye. Also I've noticed that any picture of George and food is of him in motion... hahaha. P.S. SO JEALOUS I WANT TO GO!

  2. You look like youre crying youre so happy!!