Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Beat the Heat!!

BAH!  This weather is madness! It's like walking around in a sauna, with hot sticky icky humid 102 degree air blowing at your face all day and night, evvuuurrryyyday--THEN out of nowhere, crazy lighting thunderstorms!  I form puddles of sweat just standing still!  I said I'm going to enjoy everything the east coast has to offer while I'm here goes another hot summer!

So to stay cool, aside from staying indoors at work all day long (yuck) for the FREE AC (yay!), I sneak out for the occasional happy hour drinks to keep me cool and fuzzzyyy =)  Especially $5 mango mojitos!

Lets be serious, I go to happy hour for the cheap-o food.  Sometimes I just order water.  I'm a bartender's worst nightmare. 

Ducking into every other store for free ac to cool off is the best!! And a little fro' yo from Red Mango topped with mochi and mango chunks hits the spot!

Aaah, I'm a weirdo and always seem to want hot soup in crazy hot weather.  Back in CA, we used to do hot pot dinners in 100 degree heat and just have fans blasting at our faces while we dunked raw meats and veggies into boiling spicy broth.  It's a good ol' time sweating everything out!  Plus, it's liiikkeee  excercising while you eat..right?
So last friday we went to Toki Underground for an "up and coming" area of H street--which is kinda like the Tenderloin area in you have to lock your car door and watch your back!  It has a great dive, hipster vibe.  We parked illegally in an Autozone parking lot and went in search of Toki Underground.
First of all, it's not underground.  Second, neither the address or the restaurant name is visible.  Its only identification is this dinky door, with thisss symbol and the entrance is next to a crowded bar! 

I really like the feel of the place.  It sits on top of a bar, low lighting, cute little trinkets, literally a hole in the wall!

mmmm...yums.  Apple soda

Already makes me smile--a giant fatty bowl of broth, al dente noodles, with runny egg yolks, rolled up crunchy veggies, tender stewed pork, and seaweed! I'm gidddy!  I love comfort food.

Eat, sweat, eat, sweat

4 stars, 387 Reviews on Yelp.  If I didn't know any better, I'd say this place was something special, a gem find.  It's great for D.C's standard which really only has a handful of good ramen places, not including places out in Maryland.  The broth's really flavorful, fatty-- that nice murky brown that can only come from stewing fatty pieces of pork all day long!  I'm defintely coming back here to try other stuff.  I also want to try Sakuramen --another well known ramen place in D.C.  But having eaten at some pretty good ramen places in CA and NYC, D.C's still got a bit to go to compete!

 OH in case you were wondering what kind of bi-polar weather we're dealing with--> watch the video.  102 heat, then crazy storms!!! BAH!  (please excuse the dramatic narration and curse words..I was TOO excited!)

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