Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Happy July 4th!!!

I can't believe it's already our 2nd July 4th in D.C! Time flies by fast!!  This year a couple of our dear friends came to celebrate with us and as usual, we ate lots of fatty foods, stayed up late, and even managed to squeeze in some gambling.  All while sweating like fatty pigs in 102 degree heat!

A lil' half smoked, chilli cheese fries, and fried chicken to start off the mid week holiday!!.

cupcakes, macarons, happy hour boozing (and yummy grilled squid!), and fatty steaks!

Some Viet food action--snails in coconut sauce, shaken beef (bo luc lac), grilled clams and mussels topped with sauteed green onions, peanuts and shallots, crab fried rice, and the infamous Ray's Burgers

night time strolling and shenanigans.

I still get excited about this view...

Stuffing our faces before heading to see fireworks.  This year instead of trekking into D.C, we just walked to Iwo Jima from our apartment, found a nice spot amongst the crowds and stared right into D.C to see the fireworks shooting from the Monument.

Sitting, the asian way!

Not a bad view at all!! Congress, Monument, and Lincoln all visible from our seat in Virginia!  And we didn't have to deal w/ the mad metro crowd!

After a 6 hour gambling trip (and winning!), complete with spooky ghost stories, singing to sappy love songs, and telling stories of relationships' past (ahem, QUANG!), we decided to feast on a giant ass Korean bbq meal at 4:30 a.m.  The sun was up by the time we left the restaurant at 6:30 a.m.  BED by 7 a.m.  Then I had to drag my ass to work til 8 p.m =((

Somehow we all managed to get up to grab our last lunch together before everyone headed to the airport and I had to go to work...
Van's obsessed with the white chocolate blondie spread from this place, jacked some for his plane ride and even bought a jar =p (fatty pants)

It was so nice seeing everyone =)Happy Birthday America!!!

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